My ongoing project Certain Dark Things is a series of paintings born from Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII. It explores the physicality of painting and its capacity to echo the properties of sculpture and architecture. I have used Neruda’s poem as a place to begin and a place to pull imagery from its themes of secrecy, love and darkness. The series brings together poetry and abstraction as a platform for viewers to find space for interpretation. 

I imagine the vessels in my paintings to be massive safe spaces to protect or conceal, as well as monuments to cultivate presence, strength, and meditation. I’m interested in the varying degrees to which we reveal or conceal ourselves and our voices to each other. In some of the work, large rounds reference heads or microphones as stand-ins for the self and the voice. They emerge from enclosures made to look like cement, stone or metal, deriving from my interest in architecture, materiality and repetition.